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It is strictly forbidden to spread pornography, viruses, trojans, corrupt and/or illegal material via AnonFile. Always check with your local laws before submitting content.

Logging Downloads

We are strong advocates of privacy & do not log downloads. With that said, we also believe governmental agencies and the mainstream media are not entitled to this privilege. The system continuously filter out and publish downloads by governments and/or newspapers. We also use Google Analytics as third-party traffic evidence for our ad partners.


AnonFile is a service, which means that the responsibility lies with our users to not spread viruses, trojans, corrupt and/or illegal material using the service. Please report any findings using the Abuse Report form.


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AnonFile can not guarantee full availability of the service, however, we do our best to keep the service as stable as possible. AnonFile disclaim all responsibility for loss of income due to downtime and/or data loss


This user agreement is subject to change at any time, please review this agreement before you decide to use the service. You are technically bound to accept this agreement by accessing/using the service.

Administrative measures

AnonFile´s administrators has the right to remove and/or permanently ban file content they find inappropriate.